Perspectives on the Roman port city of Ostia – Memorial lectures in honour of Dr. Hanna Stöger

30th April 2019, 17.30–19.00, Hörsaal III Gebäude C

Funded by Gesellschaft der Freunde der Universität Augsburg.



Together with Classical Studies and History of Arts & Cultural History, the Classical Archaeology department of the University of Augsburg cordially invited colleagues and students to an evening of lectures in honour of Dr. Hanna Stöger.


Dr. Hanna Stöger’s research on the ancient port city of Ostia made innovative use of new theories on urbanism and digital methods. After her dissertation “Rethinking Ostia: a spatial enquiry into the urban society of Rome's imperial port-town” (Leiden University 2011) she continued her research as assistant professor in Classical Archaeology in Augsburg on mobility, neighborhoods, and spatial relations in Ostia.


Contributions by Vice-dean Prof. Dr. Gregor Weber (Faculty of Philology and History), Prof. Dr. Natascha Sojc (Classical Archaeology) and students of History of Arts & Cultural History.


  • Prof. Dr. Janet DeLaine (Oxford): Street Plaques and other Signs at Ostia
  • Dr. Mark Locicero (Toronto): The Waters of Ostia: Exploring Roman Sustainability
  • Prof. Dr. Till Sonnemann (Bamberg): Mit Herz und Expertise – die Ostia Geländekampagne von 2015