JHP Gymnasium Stadtroda

As part of the participation in the programme , the division Media Reality accompanies the Stadtroda (Thuringia). With a focus on the health of teachers and students in the digitisation process, the JHP Gymnasium would like to realise the following four development goals: (1) The school's own digitisation process: developing visions, (2) Teacher health: "Digital house rules", (3) By students for students: enlightened use of digital media, (4) Working groups: "Child protection" and "Mental health". 


The cooperation offers the opportunity to bring current research results and interdisciplinary contexts from science into the programme and to discuss them.At the same time, the current challenges and possibilities of the school context find their way into the scientific discourse and thus strengthen the concerns of a reflected, conscious approach to the digitalisation of school both in science and through publications and media contributions in a wider audience.  In addition to the concrete project reference, the networking with actors in science also opens up opportunities for the students to get to know the scientific community and to gain insights for further professional qualification.

The programme "Schule in der digitalen Welt II" is funded by the  and the , in cooperation with regional foundations and companies. 

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The practically oriented seminar "Practicing Public Relations: Campaigning for a Cause" took place in the summer semester 2018 in cooperation with the live club  .


The live club moved from its current location to the city centre at the end of 2018 and was looking for a suitable way to communicate this to the public. The M.A. students developed a PR and communication concept and presented it on July 12th.   you can find further information.


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The practically oriented seminar "NGO and Government Relations Campaign" took place in the winter semester 2018/19 in cooperation with the “ ” of the

 Social Service Department of Munich. 


In a new initiative, the IBZ Language and Profession deals with “ ”. They should help to familiarize new immigrants with the possibilities in the educational sector. Our B.A. students have developed a PR and communication concept and presented it on February 6th. You can find the result  .