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The Media Reality Division operates the VirtuaLab, GameLab and ObservationLab, which are equipped with modern virtual reality applications, gaming stations and a mobile observation lab. In addition to being used for the department’s research projects, all three labs are also open to students for the implementation of their own research projects, for example in the areas of gaming or mixed reality. If you are interested in using the facilities simply contact our lab supervisor.


The VirtuaLab features state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality technology for both stationary and mobile use. In addition to two VR glasses (HTC Vive) and one AR-glasses (Microsoft HoloLens2), powerful computers and laptops are available to operate the data glasses.

The equipment also includes software for recording virtual sessions and a 360-degree camera for recording and evaluating VR/AR use. The VirtuaLab also includes various notebooks, iPhones (8 and X) and iPads to analyse mobile media appropriation and communication practices.

The GameLab currently has a high-end gaming PC, a Playstation 4 Pro for 4K recordings and a 55" flat screen TV. The game library (Steam) is continuously updated and provides a wide selection of single and multiplayer games that can be played individually or in groups. The GameLab also features a wide range of hardware and software for recording individual and collective gaming experiences.

With the "Mangold Mobil Observation Lab" a mobile recording and evaluation laboratory is available. It can be used for group discussions, interviews with experts and focus groups as well as for participating observations in order to record synchronized video and audio material. Facial expressions and gestures can also be evaluated automatically with the help of the Mangold Interact evaluation software.


GameLab and VirtuaLab are closely connected and therefore offer a maximum of flexibility to ensure customized solutions for a wide range of research projects. This provides diverse research opportunities, especially in combination with the ObservationLab.



The VirtuaLab offers students many opportunities to research interesting questions on the use of virtual and augmented reality in an uncomplicated and targeted manner. The following video provides an overview of what these technologies entail and what research opportunities arise:


GameLab Meet-Ups

Students and lecturers meet twice a semester for the GameLab Meet-Ups. In a relaxed lab atmosphere, interesting games are played and discussed together. Researchers working on gaming are also invited to give input or students present their theses. We provide our VR technology (including HTC Vive, Oculus Quest 2, Microsoft HoloLens 2) and a PS4. The GameLab Meet-Ups also provide the opportunity to discuss research ideas for theses and the use of the GameLab and VirtuaLab with the lecturers.




Upcoming Dates:

24.10.23 | offener Gametalk

21.11.23 | offener Gametalk

05.12.23 | Expertenvortrag mit Jonas Wurm, 2D 3D Concept Artist bei Aesir Interactive

19.12.23 | offener Gametalk

09.01.23 |Expertenvortrag mit Heiko Klinge, Chefredakteur GameStar

23.01.24 | offener Gametalk


Previous Dates:

25.04.23 | Working life in Communication Management (guest: Sandro Odak, Communication Manager of Microsoft XBOX (DACH))

10.01.23 | open GameLab Meet-Ups

13.12.22 | open GameLab Meet-Ups

08.11.22 | open GameLab Meet-Ups

20.07.22 | Wolfenstein: The New Order as an extra- as well as intraludo-narrative continuation of dystopian narrative tradition (guest: Rudolf Inderst, cultural scientist and games researcher, lecture, joint discussion and Let's Play)

18.05.22 | Illness in Digital Games - A Changing Topos (guest: Arno Görgen, computer game researcher, lecture and joint discussion) 

19.01.22 | Antagonists and stereotypes in "Death Stranding" (Master's thesis by Maria Friske; lecture and joint discussion).


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