Additional subject "Intercultural Pedagogy"

Intercultural education is of particular relevance against the background of the globally expanding number of migrants. The unequal distribution of cultural, social and economic capital represents a central challenge for pedagogical action. As a cross-sectional task that affects all pedagogical sub-disciplines, intercultural pedagogy starts at this point.

The additional subject focuses on the training and acquisition of basic theoretical knowledge as well as research and action-related competences. The development of self-reflexivity as a central component of intercultural competence is in the focus here.

Further Information

Application and deadlines

Requirements  for participation

  • None
  • However, it is recommended to take the additional subject only from the fourth semester onwards.
  • The specialisation module 2 can only be taken after the specialisation module 1 has been successfully completed.


Application and application deadline

  • Application from 22.06. to 29.07.2021 by email with name and matriculation number to:
  • Participation will be decided by lottery. The allocation will be communicated promptly (by mid-August).


Limitation of participation

  • There are currently 25 places available per year group.
  • It is NOT possible to study Intercultural Education as a "second additional subject" or "additional performance", but only as a first additional subject.


Study structure

The additional subject consists of three seminars (18 ECTS in total)


In the summer semester

  • Advanced Module 1: Fundamentals of Intercultural Pedagogy
  • One seminar
  • Oral examination

In the winter semester

  • Advanced Module 2: Advanced Studies
  • Two seminars
  • Term paper



Researcher and PhD candidate
Comparative Education