Short description of current projects


Politics of knowledge in the current regulation of prostitution in Germany

DFG-Project: Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller | Lina Brink | Marlen S. Löffler


Controversies over hydraulic fracturing in France, Germany and Poland. A comparative analysis of the role of ecological justifications and civic epistemologies in current risk conflicts

DFG-Project: Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller | Claudia Foltyn | Matthias Klaes | Simone Lackerbauer

Energy Transition

The ENERGICORPUS Project (ANR-DFG) investigates the public debates surrounding the energy transition in Germany and in France from the 1970s to the present day.

DFG-Project: Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller | Bastien Fond

Doctorate & Habilitation

current Dissertation- and Habilitation-Projects


Chair of Sociology
Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences