30 to 31 March 2023

Symposium "The Discursive Construction of Reality V" at the University of Augsburg

06 to 07 July 2023

25th SKAD-Networkmeeting University of Graz


 06.07-07.07.2023 University of Graz  


25th SKAD-Networkmeeting

The next networkmeeting „The Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse“ will take place at the University of Graz on 06 to 07 July 2023. The meeting starts on 06.07. at 1.30 pm and ends on 07.07. at 3 pm.


If you are interested in participating or presenting your own SKAD-based dissertation or project, please write to the organisers at the following e-mail address:


In addition to the discussion of work-in-progress, empirical material can also be brought in and worked on together. There are no formal requirements for "membership" or any other obligations. Participation is also free of charge for all. A maximum of six projects will be discussed at the meeting, each within a very generous time frame of 60 minutes. In addition, there will be the opportunity to discuss general and specific questions in an open space. Proposals for this can be submitted in advance by e-mail.

Organisation: Miranda Boettcher & Arne Böker



Symposium: The Discursive Construction of Reality V

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 30 and 31 March 2023

›The Discursive Construction of Reality V - Interdisciplinary Perspectives of Discourse Research in the Sociology of Knowledge‹
Organisation: Prof. Dr. Reiner Keller, Martin Blessinger, Claudia Foltyn and Nicole Lühring (University of Augsburg)


Since 2013 - with a break due to the pandemic - the symposium 'The Discursive Construction of Reality' has been held every two years at the University of Augsburg. It brings together interdisciplinary contributions on discourse analysis in the sociology of knowledge and related fields of discourse and dispositive research. Thus, the symposium explicitly aims at inter- and cross-disciplinary discussions and reflections on ongoing and completed research as well as questions of theory, methodology, and methods. The upcoming symposium aims to continue the interdisciplinary debate on the foundations and applications of discourse research in the sociology of knowledge and subsequent perspectives (such as situation analysis, subjectivation research, or other approaches, such as ethnographic discourse and disposition). The event will take place in attendance with presentations in German and English.


Please note: there are no symposium fees, but to access cold and hot drinks, we kindly ask you to pay a small contribution on-site. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: .


On this page you will find further information about the symposium programme, registration modalities, travel as well as developments in the course of the Corona pandemic, which may affect the organisation of the event.


The event is subject to the applicable Corona regulations of the University of Augsburg.









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