Following a successful Master's degree with a major in finance or business informatics, you have the opportunity to continue your academic career as part of a doctorate at the chair. If you would like information about this opportunity or already have a specific interest, feel free to contact Prof. Dr. Jan Muntermann during your Master's degree.



  • Above-average successful completion of a Master's degree with a major in finance or business informatics
  • Knowledge of quantitative methods and experience in data analysis
  • Solid English skills



If available, we will inform you about current or future job advertisements for a research assistant. Alternatively, we can assist you in applying for a doctoral scholarship.


Please understand that we do not support doctorates alongside employment (so-called "external" doctorates) as experience has shown that they cannot be completed promptly and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Letter of Recommendation

If you need a recommendation or reference letter, or an academic assessment for an application for a study place or a scholarship, we will gladly review your request. There is no entitlement to a letter of recommendation. We only issue such letters if they are expressly required in the specific application process.


Formal Requirements

  • Overall grade average of 2.2 or better
  • Successful completion of at least two modules of the chair with a grade of 2.0 or better

Please understand that if these requirements are not met, we must refrain from providing a letter of recommendation, as a recommendation is only helpful if it is sufficiently positive.


Documents to be Submitted

To process your request, please fill out the form for requesting letters of recommendation provided in DigiCampus and send it along with the documents mentioned there by email to the secretariat. Please note that we can only process fully submitted documents.



We will give you timely feedback on whether we can issue you a letter of recommendation.


Please always plan for a processing time of 4 weeks and submit your application in time!


As a rule, we send the letter of recommendation directly to the recipient you have specified. Please understand that we cannot provide you with a copy of the letter of recommendation. If the application procedure requires that you submit the letter of recommendation yourself, please include this requirement in your request.

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