News at the chair
Gesellschaft für Risikomanagement und Regulierung e.V.

8/2022 | The Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation ( FIRM) has approved funding for a research project that will investigate the integrity of different trading platforms for digital assets from 2022 to 2024. 

Information Systems Journal

4/2022 | The paper "Replication of design theories: Reflections on function, outcome, and impact" has been accepted for publication in the  Information Systems Journal.  The paper is the result of research with Professor Alfred Benedikt Brendel from TU Dresden.

Bundesministerium der Finanzen

4/2022 | Prof. Dr. Jan Muntermann has been appointed as a member of the  Digital Finance Forum established by the German Federal Ministry of Finance.


4/2022 | The newly established Chair of Financial Data Analytics hased started its research and teaching at the Faculty of Business and Economics in the summer term of 2022.