Final Theses

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General Notes

The objective of a final thesis is "to work independently on a problem from the course of study using scientific methods and according to scientific rules" (§ 18 Examination Regulations for Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Business Administration).


Possible topics for a thesis are usually related to one of the research areas of the chair. You can also propose a topic when applying for a thesis.


For Bachelor's theses, we usually assign literature reviews in which you present and analyze the current state of the scientific literature. Master's theses are primarily empirical in nature.


It is generally possible to work on a thesis in cooperation with a company if a topic can be identified that is of mutual interest and meets the requirements of a scientific thesis.

Please note that the chair does not sign any confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements. The "Declaration on Third Party Access" provided by the examination office can be used to restrict access by third parties if necessary.

Application Procedure and Allocation

Application Deadlines:


There are two start dates or application periods per academic year (summer and winter semesters):

  • End of summer semester
  • End of winter semester

The application is made via Digicampus


Applications for a final thesis in the summer term of 2024 can be made till February 2nd 2024.


Bachelor thesis: link

Master thesis: link


Joining the Digicampus group is possible without any restrictions during the indiacted period, i.e. the time has no influence on a commitment (no first-come-first-served). Joining the group is only for application purposes only and does not automatically imply a commitment of supervision.


Please upload the application form and your current transcript of records in one document in the folder provided for this purpose. The data you upload will not be visible to other students.


If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact Dennis Metzler


Application form for Bachelor and Master theses

Please use only the given application form provided in Digicampus and fill it out carefully.

Link to Digicampus



Further information (Examination Office)

For further information regarding final theses, please visit the website of the Examination Office.

Link to Examination Office