Dr. Alexander Frey

Research Fellow
Faculty of Business and Economics
Phone: -
Email: frey@is-augsburg.de

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Frey served basic military service in Idar-Oberstein and Sonthofen before he studied information management with focus on "Finance & Information" at the University of Augsburg.  In his bachelor’s thesis he spent time on commodity certificates for hedging of price and availability risks of raw materials. Afterwards he completed the master program "information management" at the Technical University of Munich. His master’s thesis dealt with potential success factors of internet based business models. Furthermore he studied abroad at the Korea University in Seoul, South Korea.


During his studies he gained practical experience in a variety of small and medium-sized companies and went into business for oneself in development of mobile and web based applications, among others startups.


From April 2015 until September 2018 Alexander Frey was a research and teaching assistant at the Chair for Information Systems and Management of the University of Augsburg. His research interest aims at the topic "Sharing Economy". In particular, he examines how Sharing Economy organizations can generate value for their users and how information technology contributes to this. He also deals with uncertainties associated with the sharing and interaction between the physical and digital world.


Since November 2018, Alexander works as an assistant to the Board of Management of Allianz Deutschland AG.


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