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Curriculum Vitae

Jan Münch studied Business Administration in his Bachelor's and Master's degree at the University of Augsburg with a specialization in "Strategy and Information". Already in his bachelor studies he focused on the curriculum of the chair of Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit. In his bachelor thesis entitled "Entry strategies for platform-based markets in the age of digitization", he examined various strategies that companies utilize for entering platform-based markets. 


After completing his bachelor's degree, Jan Münch worked for Andreas Schmid Group for several years as Operations Manager and was significantly involved in the creation of a Corporate Innovation Lab. In his last position as authorized officer, he was responsible for the digitalization of the core organization, investments in early-stage start-ups and the development of new, digital-driven business units.


Alongside his professional career, Jan Münch completed a master's degree and further expanded his expertise in the field of information systems research at the chair of Prof. Dr. Daniel Veit. In the course of his master's thesis entitled "The impact of corporate entrepreneurship on dynamic capabilities", he shed light on the influence of corporate entrepreneurship initiatives - such as corporate labs - on the digital dynamic capabilities of their parent organization.


Since May 2022, Jan Münch is a research associate at the Chair of Information Systems and Management at the University of Augsburg.


His scientific interests lie primarily in the digital transformation of organizations, in particular Digital Innovation Units.


Conference Proceeding

Conference Proceeding

Buesching, Felix B., Bruckner, Moritz T., Frenzel-Piasentin, Adeline, Muench, Jan C., Kwon, Youngjin, Thatcher, Jason B., & Veit, Daniel J. (2023). "Jane sent me this article, so it must be true!" - How tie strength and emotional tone influence information behavior.
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Frenzel, Adeline, Muench, Jan C., Bruckner, Moritz, & Veit, Daniel (2021). Digitization or digitalization? – Toward an understanding of definitions, use and application in IS research.
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Review Services

Conference Reviews:

  • International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)

PhD Courses

  • Phenomenon-Driven Theory Development (3 days), University of Augsburg
    Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Robert W. Gregory, Herbert Business School, University of Miami, Miami, USA
    Summer 2023

  • Designing Online Experiments (6 days), University of Augsburg

    Lecturer: Professor Jason B. Thatcher, Ph.D., Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, USA
    Summer 2022



  • Electronic Commerce, Lecture
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  • Digital Transformation Research, Seminar
    Seminar advisor
  • IT Innovation Research, Seminar
    Seminar advisor
  • Bachelor Theses
    Supervision of bachelor theses


  • Global E-Business and Electronic Markets, Lecture
    Preparation and realization of the exercise, assistance in the preparation and realization of the lecture
  • Information Systems Research, Seminar
    Seminar advisor
  • Master Theses
    Supervision of bachelor theses