Dr. Sebastian Koch

Research Fellow
Prof. Dr. Robert Klein: Analytics & Optimization
Phone: +49 821 598-4150


Articles in Reviewed Journals

  • Nazifi, A.; K. Gelbrich, Y. Gregoire, S. Koch, D. El-Manstrly und J. Wirtz: Proactive Handling of Flight Overbooking: How to Reduce Negative eWOM and the Costs of “Bumping” Customers. Journal of Service Research 24 (2021), S. 206-225.
  • Koch, S. und R. Klein: Route-based approximate dynamic programming for dynamic pricing in attended home delivery. European Journal of Operational Research 287 (2020), S. 633-652.
  • Klein, R.; S. Koch, C. Steinhardt und A. K. Strauss: A Review of Revenue Management: Recent Generalizations and Advances in Industry Applications. European Journal of Operational Research 284 (2020), S. 397-412.
  • Koch, S.: Least squares approximate policy iteration for learning bid prices in choice-based revenue management. Computers & Operations Research 77 (2017), S. 240–253.
  • Koch, S.; J. Gönsch und C. Steinhardt: Dynamic Programming Decomposition for Choice-Based Revenue Management with Flexible Products. Transportation Science 51 (2017), S. 1046–1062.
  • Koch, S.; J. Gönsch, M. Hassler und R. Klein: Practical decision rules for risk-averse revenue management using simulation-based optimization. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management 15 (2016), S. 468–487.
  • Gönsch, J.; S. Koch und C. Steinhardt: Revenue management with flexible products — The value of flexibility and its incorporation into DLP-based approaches. International Journal of Production Economics 153 (2014), S. 280–294.
  • Gönsch, J.; S. Koch und C. Steinhardt: An EMSR-based approach for revenue management with integrated upgrade decisions. Computers & Operations Research 40 (2013), S. 2532–2542.

Educational Papers

  • Bayer, K.; S. Koch und R. Klein: Monte Carlo Tree Search — Ein Lösungsverfahren für dynamische Optimierungsprobleme an der Schnittstelle von Operations Research und Informatik. WiSt — Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium 47 (2018), S. 11–18.


  • Koch, S.: Revenue Management bei nachfrage- und anbieterseitiger Substitution: Methoden der approximativen dynamischen Optimierung. Dissertationsschrift, Universität Augsburg, 2017.