EMSBench: Benchmark und Testumgebung für reaktive Systeme
Florian Kluge, Theo Ungerer
Betriebssysteme und Echtzeit

ISBN: 978-3-662-48611-5
DOI:  10.1007/978-3-662-48611-5_2

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A Simple Capture/Compare Timer
Florian Kluge
Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Augsburg, Technical Report
Reference: 2015-01
This report provides a user manual for SCCT. SCCT is a Simple Capture/Compare Timer written in Verilog. It provides multiple capture/compare channels that use a common counter. Events occurring in the single channels thus can be related to a global time base. SCCT is developed as an IP core that can be attached to the Altera Avalon bus.

Downloads: 2015-01-tr-klu

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