Start date:  14.07.2015


Funded by:  Universität Augsburg


Local head of project:  Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer


Local scientists:  Florian Kluge


Publications: publication list


EMSBench is a benchmark program and test environment for reactive systems. It is based on the open source engine management system  FreeEMS. Its aim is to provide a complex, reactive program for e.g. system evaluation.


Package Contents


The EMSBench package consists of three programs:

  • EMSBench.ems is the adapted code of FreeEMS.
  • EMSBench.tg is used to generate input signal traces that allow a realistic execution of EMSBench.ems.
  • EMSBench.tgpp converts driving cycles into crank/cam shaft cycles thar are used by EMSBench.tg for trace generation.


If you want to cite this work, please use the following reference:


Kluge, Florian and Theo Ungerer (2015). “EMSBench: Benchmark und Testumgebung für reaktive Systeme”. In: Betriebssysteme und Echtzeit. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 11–20