Automotive Compatible Multi-Core OS

  • Start date: 01.09.2011
  • Funded by: Universität Augsburg
  • Local head of project: Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer
  • Local scientists: Christian Bradatsch


ACMC-OS is the acronym for Automotive Compatible Multi-Core Operating System. The idea behind ACMC-OS is to develop a evaluation platform for the execution of parallelised automotive applications.


One key aspects is the efficient communication between processing cores to exploit the parallelism of the user applications. Here, the analyzability of the software regarding its worst-case execution time (WCET) plays also a major role. All API functions provided by ACMS-OS are optimized with regard to their WCET. To facilitate an unproblematic WCET analysis, the implementation of the user application has also to fulfil certain requirements. The targeted hardware platforms are typical automotive multi-core processors with two to four cores, but also focusing on future multi-core processors with up to eight cores. Since the provision of an infrastructure for parallelised applications is a key aspect, ACMC-OS focuses on components, which are mandatory for the execution, namely OS and communication & synchronisation mechanisms.

The OS functionalities are implemented corresponding to the OSEK OS and AUTOSAR OS specifications, which largely guarantees a compatibility to the AUTOSAR API. The communication and synchronisation mechanisms are adapted to ensure tight WCET estimations.





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