Foundations of a European Research Center of Excellence in High Performance Computing Systems

Start date:  01.09.2015


End date:  31.08.2017


Funded by:  EC Funding Scheme: CSA (Coordination and Support Action)


Local head of project:  Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer


Local scientists:  Dr. Sebastian Weis, Florian Haas


The objective of EuroLab-4-HPC is to

  • join HPC research groups around an HPC research agenda by forming an HPC research roadmap and joining mforces behind it
  • define an HPC curriculum in HPC technologies and best­‐practice education/training methods to foster future European technology leaders
  • accelerate commercial uptake of HPC technologies
  • build an HPC ecosystem with researchers and other stakeholders
  • form a business model and organization for a future center

The main task of University of Augsburg is coordination of the roadmap activities targeting a long-term research roadmap (2022-2030) for High-Performance Computing (HPC). Because of the long-term perspective and the speculative nature of the roadmap, we started with an assessment of future computing technologies that could influence HPC hardware and software. This "Report on Disruptive Technologies for years 2020-2030" is available in its version of August 2016 (see Downloads). The first version of the roadmap itself has been delivered in August 2016.

We are currently working towards the final Eurolab-4-HPC Roadmap that is due end of August 2017.