Composed Parallel Operations

Start date:  01.04.2015


Funded by:  Universität Augsburg


Local head of project:  Prof. Dr. Theo Ungerer


Local scientists:  Alexander Stegmeier, Jörg Mische


Publications: publication list


Parallel programs are characterized by sequential calculations executed within threads and communication which takes place among threads. Composed Parallel Operations (CPOs) are operations for handling the communication. Thereby, we compose platform dependent low-level communication operations (e.g. send/receive) to CPOs describing a higher level of communication.


Providing these high level parallel operations reduces the effort of developing parallel software because the details of communication are transparent to developers. Moreover, unlike utilizing low-level communication the high-level CPOs provide additional implicit information about their behavior, which enables an improved WCET estimation of the communication. Thus, CPOs improve the applicability of parallel software in real-time systems. Furthermore, describing the parallel operations in an abstract way enables the development of a platform independent framework providing the CPOs. Thereby, we target platforms based on shared memory and message-passing communication.


Relevant compositions of parallel operations will be identified and described in an abstract way. A platform independent framework providing CPOs will be developed and real-time performance analysed.