KodiLL: Interactive 360-degree videos and VR scenarios in higher education

project description:

The research project "KodiLL", funded with several million euros by the "Foundation for Innovation in Higher Education”, investigates the development of competences through digital teaching and learning scenarios at the University of Augsburg. The aim of the communication science sub-project carried out at the Media Reality Department is the conception, production and evaluation of interactive 360-degree videos and VR scenarios in which authentic and profession-specific problem situations are presented (e.g. problematic teaching situations, critical pastoral care discussions in theology studies, suboptimal treatment processes in medical studies or moral dilemmas in news selection in journalism). The interactive 360-degree videos and VR scenarios will be applied in online teaching at the University of Augsburg regardless of location and time and can be used by students from all faculties across all subjects and disciplines.





recent publications:

  • Elmezeny, A./Edenhofer, N./Wimmer, J. (2018): Immersive Storytelling in 360 Degree-Videos: An analysis of interplay between narrative and technical immersion. In: Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, 11(1). doi: .
  • Wimmer, J. (2020): The “ultimate empathy machine” revisited. Challenges of augmented and virtual realities from an ethical perspective. In: Tillmann, A. et al. (Hg.): Ethics and Games. Wiesbaden: Springer VS, 129-142.
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  • Wimmer, J. (2017): Moral Dilemmas in Digital Games. In: Clash of Realities (Hg.): Clash of Realities 2015/16. On the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games. Bielefeld: Transcript, 311-321.


Moritz Schweiger, Jeffrey Wimmer & Chiara-June Pfeil (v.r.) AB Medienrealität
Media Reality
Researcher and PhD candidate
Media Reality