Dr. Ana-Despina Tudor

Dr. Ana-Despina Tudor  is the Course Leader of the VR Master’s Programme at London College of Communication, where she also teaches VR content creation and immersive storytelling. She has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction for VR content design and is a visiting fellow at The Open University. Previously to running the course, she worked in collaborative projects between academia and industry partners. Highlights include researching the use of VR in primary and secondary education and how health wearables can aid the wellbeing of older people.


Her current research focuses on how to create compelling narratives for immersive VR experiences and on how visual, audio and haptic interaction can enhance cinematic VR. Her wish is to increase the accessibility of VR and raise awareness about its potential use in everyday life. She has given talks on the ethics and future of VR and on design principles for creating realistic virtual humans.

Am Montag, den 21.01.2019 hielt Ana-Despina Tudor vom London College of Communication im Rahmen der Vorlesung Medienrealität einen Gastvortrag mit dem Titel "Who are we in VR?"

Ana Despina Tudor