Chair of Environmental Sociology with a Focus on Socio-Ecological Transformation, Resilience Design and Climate

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In both our research and teaching, we look at the reciprocal relationship between society and nature. In addressing this topic, we focus in particular on the socio-ecological contexts and implications of climate change and how this is dealt with by society. To this end we draw on research into global social inequalities, social ecology, political ecology, the social metabolism, critical development theory, as well as postcolonial/decolonial and feminist approaches. Our main research topics are the production of technological knowledge on the climate crisis and climate adaptation, social conflicts in the context of resilience and adaptation projects, as well as societal fields of negotiation regarding transformation projects, such as the bioeconomy and renewable energy sources.

Our regional focus areas are:

  • Western Europe, especially Germany
  • South America, especially Argentina, Brazil and Chile

On this site, you can find more information on our team, courses, research topics and events.



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Lehrstuhl für Umweltsoziologie mit Schwerpunkt Sozial-Ökologische Transformation, Resilienzdesign ud Klima

Zentrum für Klimaresilienz

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