As a member of CIHR, the centre is there to assist you with your concerns, and you benefit from its structures, expertise, and network. You receive support in the following steps, as well as upon personal arrangement.



Research Initiation

From the initial idea to the implementation and completion of a research proposal, CIHR provides support in all phases of research initiation.


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Project Implementation

Research projects established at CIHR have the opportunity to utilize the infrastructure of the centre, alleviate project management burdens, and receive support for project-specific public relations efforts.


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Membership at CIHR enables inclusion in the interdisciplinary network of the research centre, which has grown significantly since 2014, in various ways. This aligns with the concept of a networked university proclaimed by the university leadership.



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Becoming a Member

Both employees of the University of Augsburg and non-university members can become members of CIHR. In this regard, three types of membership are distinguished, each requiring a clear connection to health research for application. The following options are available for membership:


Regular Membership

In addition to researchers at the University of Augsburg who are capable of independent research, research institutions and affiliated institutes of the University of Augsburg can also apply for this form of membership. Regular members have voting rights.


Associate Membership

Researchers at the University of Augsburg who are not capable of independent research but are engaged in health research can become associate members. Associate members do not have voting rights.


Affiliate Membership

The affiliate membership can be applied for by individuals or institutions engaged in health research and located regionally but not affiliated with the University of Augsburg. The applications should highlight the research and scientific relevance. Affiliate members do not have voting rights.


Submit a membership application: Please send an informal application for each of the three mentioned types of membership, including a brief statement of your interest in health research and your previous activities in this field, via email to the following address:  managing director of CIHR.


You can also find an overview of the current members of CiHR on the pages of our research center under the "Members" section.