Dear first-year students,


this guide is intended to serve as your orientation and checklist. The chronology of this checklist corresponds to the needs of the average foreign full student at the beginning of their studies. Of course, it is also possible and useful to tackle individual points at the same time. At first glance, the list seems long, and indeed many tasks and administrative procedures await you. But you will grow with your experiences and learn a lot - after all, that is why you decided to study in Germany. We wish you a successful start to your studies at the University of Augsburg, many new contacts and a good time with us. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!



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From receipt of the admission letter

Find out about the semester and lecture times at Augsburg University:

After receiving your admission, you will have to deal with the issue of finding a room as soon as possible. The university cannot arrange a room for you. You must become active yourself.


Here you can find a comprehensive guide to finding an apartment in Augsburg: Guide apartment hunting in Augsburg

  1. Where do you start?
  •  Find out about different types of housing!
  •  What is a dormitory? Which dormitories are there in Augsburg? Where are they located? How expensive are the rooms? How do you apply?
  •  What is a WG? Where can I find offers for WGs?
  •  What is the difference between WG, dormitory and private apartment? What is best for me?
  • General information and addresses can be found here:
  1. Apply for dormitory places with several providers! If you get more than one acceptance, you can "return" a room you don't need relatively easily if you haven't signed a lease for it yet.
  2. Stay active! Ask! Do not wait until the providers contact you (possibly with a rejection). Keep on searching yourself!
  3. Find out about rooms for interim rent (in shared flats, dormitories, hostels, youth hostels, etc.) for several weeks/ months/ a semester. This is a good alternative until you have found or can move into your "own room"!

The later you start looking for a room, the more difficult the search will be. It is best to start today! Even if you are not yet in Germany/ in Augsburg, you have to deal with the topic of finding a room!


You can already transfer the semester fee from your home country. You should do this if you do not yet know exactly when you will be coming to Germany or if you are already in Germany. Transferring the semester fee is a prerequisite for enrollment.

More information:

We organize a tutoring program for new foreign students. Augsburg students from higher semesters volunteer in this program. These students would like to support you in your start at the University of Augsburg and are available to help you with your questions during your first semester. Be sure to sign up via this online form.


If you would like to be notified by email of upcoming events, scholarship announcements, etc., please send an email to [Subject: aaa-infomail]

If you are coming to Augsburg from abroad, it is essential that you observe the current regulations for entry (registration, Corona test, quarantine obligation):


We will support you if you need to go into quarantine after your arrival in Augsburg. Get in touch with us:


Please note:

General information (Bavaria):


City of Augsburg:


University of Augsburg:


Vaccination offer for students

The Vaccination Center of the City of Augsburg („Impfzentrum der Stadt Augsburg“) offers vaccination at the Vaccination Center („Impfzentrum“) to all students over the age of 18 in the Augsburg city area. Appointments are scheduled on an individual basis. The available mRNA vaccines are administered by the medical staff of the Vaccination Center („Impfzentrum“).


Students will be vaccinated Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Secondary vaccinations will be administered through the regular appointment process at the Augsburg Vaccination Center („Impfzentrum“).

Individual vaccination of students at the vaccination center („Impfzentrum“)

  1. Registration in BayImco

a) If not already registered, those wishing to be vaccinated with an Augsburg registration address must register at


b) Vaccination applicants without an Augsburg registration address must register with the address of the university (Universitaet Augsburg, Universitaetsstrasse 2, 86159 Augsburg) at

  1. Up to three days after registration, the vaccination date will be communicated by e-mail.
  1. If no invitation has been received after three days, an appointment must be made by telephone with the keyword "student vaccination" at 0821/ 78 98 68 94.


For new students, there are introductory events at the beginning of the semester for the study courses, where important information about the organization of studies is given. Find out when your event(s) will take place and plan to attend.

Welcome-Session – October 13th  at 11am (CET/ UTC+1, digital)

During the Welcome Session, after a brief introduction of the University, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions about the first steps after receiving your admission.


Welcome Evening – October 13th at 5pm (CET/ UTC+1, digital)

Get to know other international students, your tutors and student initiatives.


Guided city tour – October 16th at 9:30am 

Explore the city of Augsburg with other international students at a free guided city tour.



Be sure to register:


Augsburg has a well-developed network of streetcars and buses. The operator is the Augsburger Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund GmbH (AVV).

On the AVV homepage there is a timetable information service which helps you to find the right connection:


In addition, you can also download AVV's app from the App/Play Store to your smartphone, so that you can search for the right connections even when you are on the move:


The AVV offers various overviews of the line network on its homepage:

Immediately after arrival

With a German SIM card you are easy to reach and you can, for example, actively search for a room. We therefore recommend that you buy a German SIM card soon after your arrival.


Since you will be staying in Germany for several years, it can be useful to purchase a German cell phone contract. Before you have found the right provider, you can buy a prepaid card. Prepaid cards themselves are free of charge; you only pay the amount you use afterwards to make phone calls / send SMS / use the internet. Prepaid cards are available from about EUR 10. You can buy them in electronics stores (e.g. MediaMarkt, Saturn) or in drugstores (e.g. Rossmann, dm, Drogeriemarkt Müller etc.), but also in supermarkets (e.g. Lidl, ALDI).


We recommend doing this step together with your tutor. He/she can help you to select and activate the appropriate SIM card (Internet access may be required for this).


You need a bank account in Germany

  • if you stay in Germany for several years and
  • rent a dorm room and/or
  • take out a German health insurance and/or
  • will be working in Germany alongside your studies.


Which bank you choose is your decision. Our tip: Choose a bank that has a branch or ATM where you often go, so that you can later withdraw money with your GiroKarte free of charge. Most international students therefore open an account with the Stadtsparkasse Augsburg. They have many ATMs throughout the city (also at the university), and you can use the account on the day you open it.

To open an account, please make an appointment at a bank branch of your choice, e.g:

Stadtsparkasse Univiertel: phone number: 0821/32557385, e-mail address:, address: Hermann-Köhl-Str. 9, 86159 Augsburg


Alternatively: Online-Bank N26 (


Required documents:

  • a German cell phone number (for online banking!)
  • Your complete address in Germany (with apartment number if you live in the dormitory/ you will receive your money card by mail after about two weeks)
  • Your registration confirmation from the city OR rental contract
  • Your letter of admission from the university (as confirmation that you will be a student)
  • Your tax identification number* from your home country

* With the tax identification number (also TIN) we check your identity. If you do not pay taxes in your home country, you do not need to provide a number. You must then sign a form that you are not liable to pay tax.

A current account is free of charge for students under 28 years of age. However, when you open the account, you must indicate that you will be a student and you must present a certificate of enrollment at your bank after enrollment.

To enroll at the University of Augsburg, you need a valid health insurance policy.

  1. EU foreigners: You bring a health insurance from your home country (valid EHIC card).
    In order to use your foreign health insurance in Germany, your country must have a social security agreement with Germany. This is the case if you have an EHIC card. Go to a German health insurance company with your valid EHIC card and ask for an "insurance certificate for enrollment".

Do not forget that

  • ... you have to take care of extending your foreign health insurance yourself. It may happen that you cannot extend your foreign health insurance after a few semesters of study because you no longer live exclusively in your home country, but in Germany.
  • … this type of insurance only pays the costs that your insurance company would pay in your home country. It sometimes happens that German doctors recommend treatments whose costs are not covered by your foreign health insurance. You would then have to pay for these treatments yourself.
  • … you will have to take out statutory health insurance for students if you are going to work in Germany.
  1.    You take out statutory health insurance for students in Germany

This gives you a very good insurance coverage and no problems with the acceptance of the insurance at the immigration office. Furthermore, the health insurance is valid within the EU and some additional countries. The health insurance for students of the public health insurance companies in Germany costs about EUR 110 per month and is only possible for students under 30 years of age.


All statutory health insurance companies offer essentially the same services. An overview of the statutory health insurance companies can be found here:

On the websites of the individual health insurance companies you can get detailed information about the services of the respective insurance.

The university is not allowed to recommend you a special health insurance. If you are unsure about which insurance company to choose, the following questions and tips may help you:

  • Does the insurance company have an office (a branch office) in Augsburg? If so, where exactly? Is there a contact person especially for students? Make an appointment and get advice.
  • The Techniker Krankenversicherung (TK) has a special contact person for students: Michael Fuchs,, phone 0049-160-7009681
  • You can reach the statutory health insurance AOK Augsburg by phone and e-mail:, phone 0049-821 321-0
  • Ask other students where they are insured and find out if they are satisfied with their insurance
  1. Private health insurance for students

A private health insurance is cheaper than the statutory one, but it also offers fewer benefits. In addition, you often have to pay the costs of treatment yourself first and are then reimbursed by the insurance company. With private health insurances, the monthly contributions increase with your age, and if you take up studies in Germany as a privately insured person, you can no longer switch to a statutory health insurance for the entire duration of your studies.
If you are older than 30 years, however, only private health insurance is an option for you (e.g. MAWISTA, care concept).
If you are unsure, please contact us.


Please note: Currently, enrollment only takes place in written form (by sending in the documents, not in person).


Which documents do you have to send in? You can find the enrollment checklist relevant for your degree program here::


After enrollment, your applicant ID (login & password) remains active for 20 days. During this period, you can log into the VIBS portal and obtain your RZ ID (important for the use of all online services) yourself. The Campus Card will be sent to you by mail. It is therefore very important to always have a current address of yours in the portal.


The CampusCard is important because it combines several functions. The CampusCard is used as: student ID, library card, semester ticket, "means of payment" on campus and copy card.


Important: Please note that the CampusCard usually needs to be validated at the beginning of each semester in order to be valid. If the CampusCard is not validated, it will lose its validity. Currently, no validation is necessary because you will receive your CampusCard already validated.

You can find all other important information about the CampusCard here:

After enrollment

Each student receives his or her data center identification (RZ-ID) and an initial password upon enrollment. You need these data to register for courses in the Digicampus, to get access to the WLAN and to use the computers at the university. You can also use the vibs portal, where you can view and change your personal data and, for example, create enrollment certificates.


Certificate of enrollment


It serves as an official proof of your studies at the University of Augsburg and you need it to complete some bureaucratic steps (i.e. you have to present it to your health insurance, bank, etc. after enrollment). You also need to present your certificate of enrollment when you apply for your residence permit).

To create your certificate of enrollment, please follow the steps below. To do so, log in to the vibs portal

  1. Click on the word study service in the green field.
  2. Then click on Certificates, the fourth tab above.
  3. Click on the print icon next to Enrollment-Certificate.
  4. Your matriculation certificate will appear and you can print it out or save it as a pdf file.

For more information about the functions and applications of vibs, click here:


You must be enrolled in order to register for your courses!

Once you have successfully enrolled, you can and should register for courses online via the Digicampus platform. You do not need to register for courses at the Law Faculty via Digicampus.

Please select your courses and organize your timetable as early as possible. You can search for courses in the Digicampus either under "Facilities", "List of modules" or under "Course catalog:


Use the help for timetable creation offered by your subject! Visit the corresponding introductory events for first semester students at the beginning of the semester! Often you will also find information for first semesters on the website of your degree program regarding course selection or sample timetables.

Visit the office hours of your departmental student advisor or contact the student council of your subject if you need help.

After arrival

All students must register with the City of Augsburg within two weeks of arrival. For the registration you need your passport and a confirmation of accommodation.


Non-EU-citizens register at the Hochschulbetteuungsstelle. Registration of non-EU citizens


EU-citizens register at one of the citizens' offices of the city of Augsburg. Registration EU-Citizen


Apply for a residence permit
Foreign students from non-EU countries apply for their residence permit at the Hochschulbetreuungsstelle*.

*The „Hochschulbetreuungsstelle“ is a joint institution of the Foreigners' Registration Office and the International Office of the University of Augsburg.


Due to the current situation, on-site visits to the Hochschulbetreuungsstelle are not possible.

Please contact us by e-mail or telephone:


Foreigen authority:


University counseling:, Tel: (+49 821) 598-5448


The International Office organizes a language tandem program, which offers you the opportunity to expand or deepen your language skills with the help of a language partner. You can find information about this and registration here:

During this pandemic, everything is online. Therefore, we figured something out that is possible under the current restrictions: We would like to connect you with another student (m/f/d) who lives near you, with whom you can walk and talk. To do so, email 

If you are interested in Walk'n'Talk, just send us an email with the following information (name, first name, gender, dormitory, district (e.g. Haunstetten, Lechhausen, etc.), email address, phone number, the languages you speak, degree program) which we will forward to your potential Walk'n'Talk match.

The certificate can be acquired by German and foreign students of all courses of study who are involved in the intercultural field.


Participants take advantage of offers in the areas of language and communication, experience abroad, university involvement and further education with an international focus

The International Career Service supports you at the start of your professional life: individual advice on all questions concerning applications and career entry, application folder checks, support in finding a job in Germany as well as seminars, workshops & networking events:

The CampusApp is the official app of the University of Augsburg. Its goal is to make everyday life on campus easier for university's students and staff. As a free smartphone app, it supports users with practical features such as room and person searches, a canteen menu, a news feature and a bus/tram departure display.

To install, simply click on our download page and in a few minutes the CampusApp will be on your smartphone.

The university offers you the opportunity to further improve your German language skills by offering you free courses at all levels.

Unfortunately, the information session on German lauguage classes and the placement test cannot be planned in advance due to the Corona pandemic.

Please inform yourself instead via the link below: