The Institute for Media, Knowledge and Communication (imwk) is a scientific institution of the University of Augsburg. Its core is formed by four professorships in communication science with a focus on "Reception and Effects", "Public Communication", "Media Reality" and "Digital Health Communication". The imwk is a communication science oriented institute, it bundles expertise that covers the entire breadth of media-mediated communication in society. 


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What are the central concerns of the Department?

The imwk is dedicated to scientific tasks in the field of media and communication. It bundles research expertise and activities in these fields and organizes the Bachelor and Master programs in Media and Communication Studies.

What is the Department's research focus?

Aspects of current media change and media use are the focus of research. How do people use an constantly expanding media repertoire to build up knowledge individually and to participate in social communication? What potential do media and communication technologies have for communication and public sphere processes?

What are the characteristics of the Institute´s degree programs?

The two degree programs BA and MA "Media and Communication Studies" are characterized equally by a high level of research and practical orientation. Students receive in-depth training in methods and are actively involved in ongoing research projects. In addition, the imwk attaches great importance to employability. In cooperation with media companies, students are prepared for jobs in media production, media research, media management, corporate communications, public relations, journalism and advertising.
Small course sizes allow students to receive individual and intensive support. The institute's goal is to provide a modern, attractive and future-oriented academic education that not only responds to labor market needs, but also has a proactive effect by accompanying current media change processes with research and thus introducing new impulses into professional practice.
Internationalization is important for imwk in research and teaching. For this reason, it offers the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of its approximately 20 partner universities in over ten countries and to benefit from numerous international guest lecturers in Augsburg.

How does the Department conduct its research?

In order to realize advanced empirical projects, the imwk has its own research resources. These include:

- a research laboratory for psychophysiological measurements to survey cognitive and emotional processes during media reception;

- equipment for computer-based experiments;

- an eye tracking station including mobile glasses to record gaze registrations;

- a cross-media lab for developing and evaluating cross-media media products;

- equipment for qualitative field research (mobile research lab), e.g. for ethnographic studies or for recording group discussions;

- a VirtuaLab (stationary and mobile VR and AR glasses);

- a GameLab (including game consoles and recording equipment).