We are the home of AI & techpreneurs and we're ready for the future: with start-ups, we try out new things and support the transfer of scientific findings into industrial applications. Let's do it!

Home to AI & Techpreneurs

Without any ifs and buts, we are there for people interested in starting a business and new entrepreneurs. We are encouragers and enablers and foster an excellent ecosystem for AI & tech startups. Our techpreneurs tackle local and global challenges with novel technologies and fresh ideas.


We empower students, scientists and teachers to realise their ideas, research results and ideals and thus shape the working and production world of the future in a better, human-centred and sustainable way. We are a hub for people interested in founding companies and start-ups from the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology and the Faculty of Applied Computer Science. Our activities promote the next generation of scientists and allow current research results to quickly flow into society and the economy.

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You have identified a start-up idea or a technology with market potential?


You can contact us at any time to get initial feedback on your start-up idea and to arrange further coaching with us. Together we will validate your project, establish contact with our network and identify further opportunities for support.

Are you interested in start-ups and innovation or are you looking for like-minded people?


Whether you have an idea or not, we are always on the lookout for individuals who are interested in the topic of start-ups or would like to promote the start-up spirit at the University of Augsburg. We have an extensive network and offer various networking, teaching and event formats for interested parties. Feel free to contact us.

Are you looking for contacts with startups from the AI and tech sector?


We like to cooperate with partners and we are always happy to have an open exchange with companies, networks and institutions on startup topics in the fields of AI, production and technology. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Range of Services

For students, researchers and alumni of the University of Augsburg, we offer the following services together with StartHub, the innovation and start-up centre of the University of Augsburg:


  • Free and non-binding start-up coaching
  • Support with funding programmes and financing instruments
  • Teaching formats, talks, networking-events & innovation sprints
  • Level Up Inkubatorprogramm
  • Team development and interdisciplinary team-matching
  • Access to AI experts and the Halle 43 - Future Fabrication
  • Space and equipment for start-up teams of the Univerity of Augsburg in the field of AI & production
  • Interface to the start-up & innovation community of the University of Augsburg and the Augsburg region
  • Interface to companies and development partners from the industry


Tobias Seemiller
Leitung Ausgründungen und KI Scouting
KI-Produktionsnetzwerk Augsburg
  • Phone: +49 821 598 69147
  • Email:
  • (Building WALTER Technology Campus Augsburg / Gebäude 45)