Showroom "AI in Production"

As a window into research and a networking space, the 150sqm showroom of the AI Production Network at the University of Augsburg offers optimal opportunities to get in touch with "AI in Production".
Visitors will experience the functionalities and possibilities of AI use in the environment of production and work in Industry 4.0 at interactive exhibits: from the recognition and interpretation of human emotions for researching the workplace of the future in a laboratory environment, to Lego models for illustrating data circuits, to a demonstrator that presents the condition monitoring of gearboxes and the possibilities for industry to touch.
In addition, a variety of information boards, screens and other exhibits will demonstrate the background and research fields of the AI Production Network Augsburg.

Insights into the exhibition space

Personen vor einem Demonstrator
© University of Augsburg
Personen vor einem Fahrrad-Demonstrator
© University of Augsburg
Personen vor einer Anzeige mit Graphen
© University of Augsburg
Lego-Nachbau von einem KI-Werk
© University of Augsburg
Lego-Nachbau eines Kuka-Roboters
© University of Augsburg

Interactive Exhibits

AI in Action for Well-Being

Look deep into the eyes of our camera - what happens? The virtual agent on the screen reflects your emotion. Funny gimmick? Not at all! We are using AI to research the reactions of workers to the new working conditions in Industry 4.0 in a laboratory environment. How fast can a robot move so that it does not cause fear in its human colleagues? How must a workplace be set up so that it prevents back pain?

Affect Recognition KI spiegelt Emotionen durch einen virtuellen Agenten

Condition Monitoring with AI

A structure-borne sound sensor monitors the gearbox acoustically and passes the recorded data on to an AI in real time, which uses the sensor data to recognise the states of the drive (e.g. gear engaged, etc.), wear or load conditions. What is implemented here in a playful way ensures, for example in production plants or engines, that they run fail-safe and trouble-free.

Vogelperspektive auf einen Demonstrator zur Überwachung von Getriebezuständen

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The showroom is accessible for wheelchair users. A barrier-free toilet is available. 


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Teresa Grunwald M.A.
Mitarbeiterin für Kommunikation und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
KI-Produktionsnetzwerk Augsburg