Curriculum vitae

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Educational Sciences with primary focuses on socialization and education processes, and intercultural education at the University of Augsburg (2007-2013). Since 2013, research assistant at the Department of Psychology. Since 2015, coordinator in the field “individual consultation and support” in the project LeHet (Promoting Teachers’ Professional Development in Dealing with Heterogeneity; supported by grants from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research).


Research interests

  • Heterogeneity in the school context

  • Teachers’ judgments and expectations

  • Teachers’ diagnostic competence

  • Eye Tracking and information processing



List of publications and talks ( )


(applied filters: semester: WS 2019/20 | institute: Psychologie (Lehrstuhl) | lecturers: Anita Tobisch | languages: deutsch | course types: all)
name semester type
Motivation und Emotion im Kontext einer heterogenen Schülerschaft winter semester 2019/20 Seminar
Soziale Arbeit aus psychologischer Perspektive winter semester 2019/20 Seminar
Psychologie der Motivation, Emotion und Kognition winter semester 2019/20 Vorlesung
Gesprächsführung in der psychologische Beratung winter semester 2019/20 Seminar