Forschungskolloquium WS 2023/24

Sessions are usually held on Thursdays, 11:45 – 13:15, in room 2108/D (unless otherwise indicated).

There is also the possibility to participate by ZOOM—however, we would encourage the auditory to attend the presentations in person in order to allow for a lively discussion.


Research Colloquium

Oct. 26 2023

Technology-enhanced learning and teaching: Learning activities and learning analytics

Michael Sailer
Learning Analytics, University of Augsburg

Nov. 16 2023

Interpersonelle Synchronizität und ihre Effekte auf Arbeitsbeziehung und Wohlbefinden in parasozialen Coaching-Settings


Teachers’ situational emotion regulation: Insights from a diary-study



Sophie Leuchtenberg

Behavioral Health Technology, University of Augsburg



Tanja Bross & Ulrike Nett
Empirical Educational Research, University of Augsburg


Nov. 23 2023

Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltschutz im Unterricht: „Nicht mein Business!“
--- Presentation is part of the Public Climate School of the University ---


Martin Daumiller, Melanie Keller & Markus Dresel
Psychology, University of Augsburg

Nov. 30 2023

Ist weniger mehr? Die Effekte von Fading von Lösungsbeispielen auf den mediendidaktischen Fähigkeitserwerb

Christina Wekerle, Eva Kaistra, Johanna Dufter & Ingo Kollar 
Educational Psychology, University of Augsburg 

Dec. 21 2023

Children’s metacognitive monitoring skills in prompted and unprompted situations


"Rückblickend war das mit dem Feedback schon sinnvoll“ – Ergebnisse einer Interventionsstudie zur Studierendenmotivation im Peer-Feedback


Janina Eberhart1 & Donna Bryce

1Psychology, University of Tübingen, 
2Psychology, University of Augsburg


Melanie V. Keller, Martin Daumiller, & Markus Dresel

Psychology, University of Augsburg

Jan. 11 2024

Wirklich so verschieden? Geschlechtsunterschiede bei Wissenschaftler:innen

Johanna Ott1, Ronja Steinhauser2, Stefan Janke2, Oliver Dickhäuser2, Raven Rinas1, Markus Dresel1, & Martin Daumiller1
1Psychology, University of Augsburg,
2Educational Psychology, University of Mannheim

Jan. 18 2024

Illuminating the triangle of motivational regulation: Effects of frequency, situation-specific fit, and application quality of motivational regulation strategies on students’ well-being


Scaffolding the peer feedback process: A meta-analysis

Sophie von der Mülbe, Raven Rinas, Markus Dresel & Kristina Stockinger

Psychology, University of Augsburg


Julia Hornstein1, Melanie Keller2, Martin Greisel1, Markus Dresel2, Ingo Kollar1
1Educational Psychology, University of Augsburg,
2Psychology, University of Augsburg

Jan. 25 2024

Students’ strategies for self-regulating motivation and emotion: Insights from an interview study



Co-construction of regulation activities in collaborative learning: How do learners achieve a homogeneous problem perception, and does it lead to a more immediate strategy use?

Kristina Stockinger1, Ulrike Nett2, Markus Dresel1, Adrijana Puaca1, & Judith Zimmermann1 
1Psychology, University of Augsburg, 
2Empirical Educational Research, University of Augsburg


Laura Spang, Martin Greisel & Ingo Kollar
Educational Psychology, University of Augsburg

Feb. 01 2024 - 17:30 - 19:00 - ZOOM

Fostering regulation in collaborative learning

Marcela Borge

Penn State University

Feb. 08 2024

Expertise development: Cognitive adaptations and growing networks


Hans Gruber

Educational Science, University of Regensburg