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The Institute of European Cultural History has its own branch library within the library system of the University of Augsburg with the locality code 29.
Around 3000 volumes are available.
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© University of Augsburg

Information on use


The institute library is located in the rooms of the IEK at the location 'Alte Universität', Eichleitnerstr. 30, 86159 Augsburg, building F 2, room 212.



The institute library can be used on site. It is normally open in the mornings until approx. 12.30 pm. Please contact the IEK secretary's office (; tel. 598 5840).



Please contact our secretary's office (; tel. 598 5840) regarding lending.

In principle, the institute library is a reference library.
Professors and employees of the University of Augsburg order the desired volume via the secretary's office. Items can be borrowed from the Central Library.
If you as a student wish to consult a book, you can also contact the secretary's office via this e-mail ( In many cases, it will be possible for the book to be made available for you at the lending desk of the Humanities Departmental Library. You can then use it for a week in the University Library, but you cannot borrow it to take home.

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