Content Creation for Virtual Environments

Content Creation for Virtual Environments
© Hannes Ritschel
Course type: Lecture + Exercise (Master)
Credits: 4 + 2 SWS, 8 LP
Cycle: Every summer term
Recommended semester:
1st semester
Exam: Portfolio
Language: English/German


This course covers artistic and technical fundamentals of (computer) graphics and the interface between art and computer science. Students learn artistic fundamentals, 3D modeling, lighting, shading, texturing, procedural generation and more. Fundamentals of sound and music are also addressed. The course addresses students with a high interest in artistic and creative work who want to create virtual environments themselves. The practical focus of the exercise course is on the artistic implementation and design, using the software Blender, GIMP and Inkscape, among others. Programming experience (e.g. Python) is required, as the content created will be worked up into small, interactive prototypes in the Godot Engine (GDScript, Shader). Previous experience in drawing and computer graphics is not required, but is an advantage. 
In addition to registering in Digicampus, an application assignment must be submitted in advance.