Partical Course: Game Development

Course type: Practical course (Master)
Credits: 6 SWS, 8 LP
Cycle: Every winter semester
Recommended semester:
From 1st (Master)

Practical Exam

Language: German
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Lecture Contents

The goal of the course is to apply and deepen the knowledge from the lecture "Introduction to Game Development" in a practical way. Therefore, successful participation in this course is a prerequisite!


In the course of the internship the participants will develop a game together. The exact topic of the game will be determined at the start of the course.

The participants of the practical course will be divided into smaller groups working on different tasks, such as the visualization of the game, the interaction of the user with the application or the artificial intelligence of the virtual characters.


In order to develop a functioning game, in addition to the work in the respective group, cross-group cooperation is imperative, e.g. to coordinate the interfaces and integrate the individual components.

The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 20 students due to room size and hardware availability.

Registration for the event takes place in the Digicampus.


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