Dr. med. Katharina Rockmann Master of Bioethics (Uni. Syd.)

Research associate
Ethik der Medizin
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Further Information

Katharina Rockmann is a physician and palliative care specialist, leading an ambulant specialized palliative care team in Regensburg. Extra-occupationally she recently completed the master´s program at the University of Sydney (“master of bioethics”).
Her main research interests are ethical questions at the end of life, as well as palliative care in context of public health ethics. Besides, she is interested in normative aspects of ambulant ethics consults, one of which will be established in Regensburg.


Short CV

education and qualification:
1994-2000 - Medical school (Ludwig Maximilians university, Munich)
2002 - Conferral of a doctorate und license to practice
2009 - Medical specialist designation “internal medicine”
2013 - Medical specialist designation ”palliative care”
2013-2015 -holder of a scholarship: European Palliative Care Academy (EUPCA)
2019-2022 - Master of Bioethics, University of Sydney, Australia


work experience:
2001-2012 - University hospital Regensburg, Department of internal medicine
2004-2006 - Medical registrar, The Canberra Hospital, Canberra, ACT, Australia
seit 2012 - Specialized ambulant palliative care (SAPV), PALLIAMO, Regensburg;
seit 2017 - Head of SAPV PALLIAMO