We teach medical ethics, public health ethics and medical history in the degree programs of human medicine, midwifery and medical informatics. In addition to the regular lectures and courses, our team offers a range of elective courses, internships and additional seminars as well as excursions in German and English.


Our team is responsible for the module "Perspectives". In this module, together with colleagues from various disciplines, we want to give students of human medicine a view beyond clinical work. The aim of the module is to "know and take into account profession-specific ethical and legal principles and a historically well-founded understanding of the cultural and social embedding of the medical profession and medical practice." (NKLM VIII.6-01.1).

Dates, slides, further information, zoom links to the courses can be found in moodle or digicampus.


Contents of our lectures and seminars are e.g:


Human medicine
1st semester:

  • Terminology

4th semester:

  • Introduction to research ethics and scientific integrity

Perspectives module, e.g:

  • Introduction to medical ethics
  • Introduction to public health ethics
  • History of NS medicine
  • Ethical issues at the end of life / autonomy at the end of life
  • Intersectionality
  • Vulnerability
  • Ethics counseling
  • Patient perspective

5th semester:

  • Introduction to qualitative research and its role in bioethics
  • Informed consent from a historical and ethical perspective
  • Fake news and disinformation in medicine, science and research (lecture)

8th semester:

  • Clinical ethics visit
  • Climate change and the role of physicians
  • Diversity in biomedical research
  • Fake news and disinformation in medicine, science and research (seminar)

9th semester:

  • Ethics of Big Data
  • Ethics of biobanks and informed consent
  • Ethical reflection in the tumor conference

10th semester:

  • Ethics of medical care in gender incongruence


We offer elective courses on a wide range of issues in medical ethics, public health ethics and the history of medicine. We welcome interest in internships and scientific qualification theses.


Midwifery sciences:

  • Introduction to the ethics of the midwifery profession
  • Ethical case discussion in the midwifery profession
  • History of medicine
  • History of the midwifery profession

Medical Informatics:

  • Introduction to research ethics, Helsinki Declaration and ICH-GCP
  • Ethics of AI and clinical decision support
  • History of research ethics
  • History of medicine
  • History of medical informatics

Previous excursions have taken place to the German Museum of Medical History in Ingolstadt and the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Further excursions are planned.


In addition, we cordially invite you to attend our other events to deepen your insight into medical ethics and history. A regular format is "Ethics@Lunch", which comprises a lecture and a joint discussion in a short zoom webinar. All interested parties are always welcome to attend.


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Verena Lippert:
verena.lippert@med.uni-augsburg.de, Ethics in Medicine Secretariat.