Karim Jöst M.A.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Ethik der Medizin
Phone: 0821 598 71009
Room: 04-EG.A007 (Faculty of Medicine / Gutenbergstraße 7)
Address: Gutenbergstraße 7, 86356 Neusäß
Postal address: Universitätsstraße 2, 86159 Augsburg
  • Moral & Political philosophy
  • Theories of justice, distributive as well as relational and social justice
  • Oppression, privileges, and structural hierarchies in various societal settings
  • Public-Health, bioethics, and the normative justification of practices in healthcare
  • Global Justice, Migration, and Climate Ethics
Karim Jöst is a political philosopher working on topics of practical philosophy, broadly speaking. His academic interest spans topics from climate ethics to health ethics, to global justice, and migration. He has been particularly concerned with theories of justice, questions of distribution, and their practical and policy implications.


Karim Jöst studied philosophy and sociology at Heidelberg University and was awarded a master’s degree in philosophy from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. During his time there, he also worked as a student research assistant at the Munich Center for Ethics.

In addition to his work at the Chair for Ethics of Medicine he is currently pursuing a PhD in political philosophy at LMU Munich, exploring the distributive demands of a relational egalitarian theory of justice.

He is also co-organizer of the Munich Graduate Conference in Ethics (MGCE).