Search for Continuity and Tradition: Sacred Space in Ancient Greek Religion

Event Details
Date: 01.06.2021, 18:15 o'clock - 19:45 o'clock 
Location: Zoom, Link nach Anmeldung per Email, digital
Organizer(s): Prof. Dr. Natascha Sojc (Klassische Archäologie), Prof. Dr. Gregor Weber (Alte Geschichte)
Topics: Philosophie und Theologie, Geschichte
Series of events: Altertumswissenschaftliches Kolloquium
Event Type: Vortragsreihe
Speaker(s): Dr. Ioanna Patera (Krakau) und Dr. Petra Pakkanen (London)

Dr. Ioanna Patera und Dr. Petra Pakkanen geben in ihrem Onlinevortrag für das Altertumswissenschaftliche Kolloquium Einblick in die Religion des antiken Griechenland.

This talk addresses the interrelation between continuity and change from two perspectives: conceptualizations of sacred space and time in ancient Greek religious views (emic) and perceptions of continuity and change in modern scholarship (etic). Continuity and change are not contrasted but regarded as fundamentally interlinked. Ancient understanding of religious continuity is projected to the domains of belief and practice where authority of the tradition and divinely sanctioned origins were used to back up the idea of permanence and continuity. Change through human-made alterations is scrutinized through archaeological, epigraphical and textual sources showing multiple transformations in the arrangements of material and cultic settings. It is argued that valuing continuity over change in the scholarly tradition relates to misreading sacred and profane as opposites and to unwillingness to accept that sacredness in Greek religion did not presuppose permanence and irremovability. Change should therefore be accepted as a dynamic component of the ancient conception of sacred.

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