About the CCR

The centre for climate resilience (CCR) at the University of Augsburg was founded at the end of 2020. The research centre is dedicated to research and scientific communication with an interdisciplinary approach in the field of climate resilience. The aim is to develop scientific foundations and to develop holistic and implementable strategies at a regional, national and international level,thus showing options for adaptations to the inevitable consequences of climate change.
In the following you can find out more about the development, orientation and structure of the CCR.



New Professorships

The existing disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international expertise in the field of climate resilience at the University of Augsburg will be complemented by a total of ten new professorships. Seven new professorships will be established through the High-Tech Agenda of Bavaria


  1. University Professorship for Urban Climate Resilience
  2. University Professorship for Political Science with a Focus on Climate Policy
  3. University Professorship for Environmental Sociology with Focus on Socio-ecological Transformation, Resilience Design and Climate
  4. University Professorship for Resilient Operations
  5. University Professorship for Climate Resilience of Human-made Ecosystems
  6. University Professorship for Environmental Economics
  7. University Professorship for Public Law and Crisis Resilience

The following professorship will be administered with funds from the Faculty of Economics:

  1. University Professorship for Climate Finance

These will be extended by two further professorships within the framework of the research focus Environmental Health Sciences:

  1. University Professorship for Health System Resilience
  2. University Professorship for Climate Change and Global Health

Development of the Centre for Climate Resilience

19th of May  2022

Start of the Interdisciplinary Lecture Series "Climate Resilience - Research and Transfer" in the summer semester 2022 (press release: 05/13/2022).


13th of May  2022

Advisory board elections at the third general meeting of the ZfK.


May  2022

The Centre moves in the new building (I on campus).


1st of April  2022

Appointment of Prof. Dr. Sebastian Utz as Professor for Climate Finance (press release: 04/26/2022).


1st of April  2022

Appointment of Prof. Dr. Angela Oels as Professor for Political Science with a focus on Climate Policy (press release: 04/26/2022).


1st of January 2022

Appointment of Prof. Dr. Manuel Ostermeier as Professor for Resilient Operations (press release: 02/16/2022).


1st of October 2021

Appointment of Prof. Dr. Markus Keck as Professor for  Urban Climate Resilience (press release: 10/26/2021).


September 2021

Founding of the working group Science Communication and Transfer.


June 2021

Appointment of the founding board: Prof. Dr. Harald Kunstmann (director); Prof. Dr. Axel Tuma; Prof. Dr. Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann; Prof. Dr. Elke Hertig; Dr. Anja Kalch (press release: 06/25/2021).


January 2021

Hiring of the management (Dr. Clemens Heuson and Kathrin Auhuber).


December 2020

Foundation of the Centre for Climate Resilience at the University of Augsburg.