Hall- and magnetoresistivity setup

The device is used to measure the temperature and magnetic field dependent resistivity and the Hall effect using the Van der Pauw method. Currently, we have two sample holders with a contact distance of 8 x 8 mm2 and 4 x 4 mm2, respectively. The sample holders ensure a high temperature accuracy and stability due to the encapsulated design (± 0.1 K). Temperature control in the range between -50°C and +150°C is realized with two actively cooled Peltier elements. For the temperature dependent magnetoresistitvity measurements, the sample position can be chosen to be parallel or perpendicular to the magnetic field. A special holder for room temperature measurements at arbitrary angles can be used as well. The magnetic field can be applied from -1.0 to 1.0 Tesla, with an accuracy of 1 mT. Measurements are usually done under vacuum conditions (10-3 mbar) or nitrogen atmosphere.




Fig.1 - View inside the vacuum chamber
Fig. 2 - CAD-image of the vacuum chamber above the electromagnet