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  • on our Master degree programs in Computer Science, Computer Science & Multimedia, Computer Science in Engineering, Geoinformatics, Business & Information Systems Engineering, Medical Information Sciences, and on the elite Master degree program in Software Engineering
  • on the transition from Bachelor degree programs to Master degree programs

Transition Bachelor - Master

Focus Areas

The various computer science programs have different focus areas. The Bachelor of Computer Science automatically has a major focus in computer science, and an additional emphasis can be added in the elective area. The other interdisciplinary Bachelor degree programs each have a focus on their specific field of study combined with computer science and in some cases there is an additional emphasis in the elective area.


Transition Rules

  • A minimum grade in the Bachelor's program of 2.7 is required.
  • Bachelor's programs can only be continued in Master's programs of the same name and with related focus areas.
  • A proof of credit points may be required in certain modules to verify a focus area.
    • In the Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science, the appropriate minor subject must be chosen for Master's programs with a different specialisation (e.g. Geography, Information-Oriented Business Administration, Physics).
    • The missing compulsory courses from the directly related Bachelor's program must be completed before an admission is possible - either by specialising in the previous degree program (e.g. Business & Information Systems Engineering with a focus on Computer Science) or by (partially) pursuing a second course of studies in the Bachelor's program of the same name.
    • Specific information is available via academic advisors or course advisors.
  • Access to the elite Master's program in Software Engineering is realised via a selection procedure.

Course guidance and counselling service

The subject-specific study advisors are available to answer your subject-specific questions during your course of study. You can also make use of the support services offered by the central student advisory service of the university.


Please contact the advisor initially by e-mail and make an appointment if necessary.


Contact Persons

Prof. Dr. Robert Lorenz
Stellvertretender Studiendekan Informatik
Lehrprofessur für nebenläufige Systeme
Head of the Chair
Chair for Databases and Information Systems

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