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Welcome at the Quantum Algorithms group. Our research centers around hybrid quantum algorithms based on physical insight and is realized within automatized software frameworks.


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1. Januar 2024

MQV Lighthouse project KID-QC^2 starts

Together with the group of Dr. Daniel Scherer (Fraunhofer Institute IIS) we will leverage Artificial Intelligence to automate and optimize the design of quantum circuits for quantum chemical calculations in an application- and hardware-platform-specific manner.

11. Juni 2024

KID-QC^2 Kick-Off

We took a trip to Nürnberg for the official kick-off of KID-QC^2 in collaboration with Daniel Scherer (Fraunhofer IIS) and the Munich Quantum Valley

20. April 2024

New Paper Published

Quantum Algorithmic Approach to Multiconfigurational Valence Bond Theory.

7. August 2023

Molecular Quantum Circuits

New article on system adapted circuit design published.

28. August 2023

Frontiers of near-term quantum computing

we've been at the "frontiers of near-term quantum computing" conference discussing about quantum circuit design. Slides available upon request.

25. Juli 2023

Partitioning Quantum Simulations with Clifford Circuits

New article on circuit cutting strategies published. Collaboration with UofT and LANL.

14. November 2023

New Preprint Online

Entanglement reduction through targeted Fermion-to-qubit mappings - A collaboration with ICFO.

21. Februar 2023

Insights from Interpretable Circuit Design

New preprint on the preparation of Fermionic ground states on quantum computers released.

15. Januar 2024

New Preprint Online

New preprint on quantum ground state preparation heuristics. A collaboration with the ICFO and Zapata computing.

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