thesis topics

General Topics

We offer topics in the general area of quantum algorithms and quantum simulation for B.Sc and M.Sc theses for interested students. Knowledge about quantum mechanics, quantum computing or many-body physics is not required but will be acquired along the way. Most projects are accompanied by programming tasks (python, julia, c++) implementing the developed techniques and integrating them into software frameworks.


Examples of possible research directions include:


  • Automatized generation of quantum circuits
  • Automatically differentiable structures
  • Model systems, abstraction and visualisation
  • Physical data encoding


Feel free to reach out to inquire about specific topics fitting your interest.


abstraction hierarchy of connected vertices and circuit representations of the corresponding edges CC BY-NC-ND

Specialised Topics

Quantum chemistry and many-body physics are typical use cases for quantum algorithms. We offer M.Sc and B.Sc theses in that area for interested students. For this area of research, a solid foundation in quantum mechanics is recommended. 


Possible topics include:


  • Basis-set independent method development (excited states and qubit encodings)
  • Automatized black-box approaches to quantum chemistry
  • High-performance implementations of two-body approximations
  • Development of measurement reduction protocols


Feel free to reach out to inquire about specific topics fitting your interest.

chemical graphs representing either an H6 molecule or the pi system of hexatriene CC BY-NC-ND