History of the AnglistenTheater Since 1980

The AnglistenTheater of the University of Augsburg is an amateur student theatre group that has performed plays in English since 1980. It was founded by Rudolf Beck who produced and directed plays between 1981 and 1990. He was succeeded by Ute Legner and Roger Evans, who directed their first play, Caryl Churchill’s Top Girls, in 1988. Ute Legner was in charge of the AnglistenTheater from 1991 to 2006. During her time more than 15 contemporary plays were shown at the University and at the Abraxas theatre, many of them for the first time on a German stage. After an interval of 6 years, Rudolf Beck revived the AnglistenTheater in 2012 with Simon Stephens’ One Minute.


Plays produced since 1981, directed by Rudolf Beck (RB), Ute Legner (UL), Roger Evans (RE), Kathrin Bayer (KB), Signe Sturup-Hackenberg (SH)
[GP = German Premiere; WP = World Premiere]


1980        AnglistenTheater set up by Rudolf Beck in autumn 1980

1981        Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest (RB)

1982        William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream (RB)

1983        Arthur Miller, The Crucible (RB)

1984        William Wycherley, The Country Wife (RB)

1985        William Shakespeare, The Taming of the Shrew (RB)

1986        Brendan Behan, The Hostage  (RB)

1987        William Shakespeare, A Winter's Tale  (RB)

1988        David Hare, Teeth'n'Smiles  (RB)

1988        Caryl Churchill, Top Girls (UL, RE)

1989        Christopher Marlowe, Doctor Faustus (RB)

1989        Jim Neu, Andrew Horn, The Big Blue (WP; adapt. dir. UL, RE)

1989        Jane Thornton, Handle With Care (GP ; UL)

1989        Geoff Lynam, Robbie and Steve (GP; RE)

1990        William Shakespeare, Macbeth (RB)

1990        Jon Gaunt, Hooligans (GP; UL)

1990        Katie Buchanan, Trevelyan Wright, Cut The Girls Talk! This Is War (GP; UL, RE)

1991        Anglistentheater, Playing For Time ... Almost A Musical (WP; UL, RE)

1991        Richard Cameron, Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (GP; UL, RE)

1991        Eric Prince, Wildsea Wildsea (GP; UL)

1992        Claire Luckham, Trafford Tanzi (GP; UL)

1993        Lance Flynn, The Dorm (GP; UL)

1993-4    John Binnie, A Little Older (GP; UL)

1995        David McGillivray, Walter Zerlin jr., They Came From Mars (adapt. AnglTh; GP; UL)

1996        Robert Hamilton, Giovanni's Women (GP; UL)

1997        Gordon Steel, Like A Virgin (GP; UL)

1998        John Godber, Bouncers (GP; UL)        

1999        Tim Fountain, Morning Has Broken (GP; UL)

2000        John Godber, Bouncers 2000,The New Edition (adapt.  UL; GP; UL)

2003        William Mastrosimone, Extremities (UL)

2006        Jessica Blank, Erik Jensen, The Exonerated (GP; UL)

2012        Simon Stephens, One Minute (RB)

2013        Harold Pinter, Ashes to Ashes (RB)

2014        John Osborne, Look Back in Anger (RB)

2014        Martin Crimp, The Country (RB)

2015        Two Victorian Farces: John Maddison Morton, Box and Cox; Joseph Stirling Coyne, How to Settle Accounts with Your Laundress (RB)

2015        Simon Stephens, Pornography (RB)

2016        Pinter Double Bill: Harold Pinter, Night School and The Lover (RB)

2016        Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis (RB)

2017        Samuel Beckett, Krapp's Last Tape (RB)

2017        Andrew Bovell, Speaking in Tongues (RB)

2017        Diane Samuels, Kindertransport (RB)

2018        Ben Power, Medea (after Euripides; RB)

2018        Amanda Whittington, The Thrill of Love (GP; RB)

2019        Nick Payne, Electra (after Sophocles; GP; RB)

2022        Harold Pinter, Three Short Plays: Landscape; Night; Family Voices (RB, KB)

2022        Three Studies in Cruelty: Harold Pinter, Mountain Language; Samuel Beckett, What Where; Samuel Beckett, Catastrophe (RB)

2023        Ellen McLaughlin, The Trojan Women (after Euripides; GP; RB, SH)

2024        Caryl Churchill, Escaped Alone; Here We Go (RB, SH, KB)

2024        Jez Butterworth, The River (GP; RB)