Before we start ...

Makeup and hairstyle © AnglistenTheater
Light control panel © AnglistenTheater
Everybody on stage © AnglistenTheater

The performance

Chorus, Orestes, Strophius © AnglistenTheater
The killing of Agamemnon © AnglistenTheater
Chrysothemis, Electra © AnglistenTheater
Clytemnestra, Electra © AnglistenTheater
Clytemnestra © AnglistenTheater
Electra, chorus © AnglistenTheater
Orestes lives © AnglistenTheater
Preparing to kill Clytemnestra © AnglistenTheater
Chorus, Electra, after the killing of Clytemnestra © AnglistenTheater
Chrysothemis, Clytemnestra, Aegisthus © AnglistenTheater