Macbeth Poster Wolfgang Schenk
The battle: "What bloody man is that?" © AnglistenTheater
After the battle © AnglistenTheater
"My worthy Cawdor" © AnglistenTheater
Dunsinane: Lady Macbeth © AnglistenTheater
Dunsinane: Macbeth © AnglistenTheater
Before the murder © AnglistenTheater
After the murder © AnglistenTheater
Kill Banquo! © AnglistenTheater
Lady Macduff and her son killed © AnglistenTheater
"a swift blessing may soon retrurn to this our suffering country under a hand accurs'd!" © AnglistenTheater
The witches again: "Come, sisters, cheer we up his sprites, and show the best of our delights!" © AnglistenTheater
The banquet: Banquo's ghost © AnglistenTheater
Malcolm and Macduff © AnglistenTheater
"What, will these hands ne'er be clean?" © AnglistenTheater
"If thou could'st, Doctor, cast the water of my land, find her disease" © AnglistenTheater
Macduff, Malcolm © AnglistenTheater
"And damn'd be him that first cries 'Hold, enough!'" © AnglistenTheater

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