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For those interested in completing their legal studies quickly and efficiently it is the perfect place to come, and boasts the shortest study time in Germany.
Our facilities are thoroughly modern, affording all that you might expect from a cutting edge faculty. The law school was established in 1971. Our new departmental building was built in 1999, and houses lecture theatres, seminar rooms and a law library.


The beautiful woodland surroundings are wonderfully stimulating, and the law school is the last faculty to truly testify to the Augsburg tradition of “study, theorising and strolling through the park".


We are particularly proud of the above-average exam results achieved by our students (the average being an excellent 1.7), as well as the high number that choose to continue their studies to doctorate level and beyond. Our graduates are in high demand, and leave with a high level of both critical thought and practical knowledge.


Situated at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, rich in history and with an active social and cultural life Augsburg is the ideal German town in which to study. At the heart of the city lies the impressive, cobbled Rathausplatz with its many bars, cafes and beautifully reconstructed architecture – a wonderful place to meet up with fellow students, make new friends or just soak up the lively atmosphere.

For outdoors-types, Augsburg offers unparalleled possibilities with its many hiking routes, cycle paths and lakes (most of which are open to swimmers). Watersports are very popular in this part of Germany, and skiers will enjoy the many cross-country and Alpine pistes within a short drive of the city.

Staff and Students

The law school has over 2000 students, and approximately 100 teaching and research staff:
23 full time professors, 15 visiting professors, 7 emeriti and approximately 70 research assistants.

Our staff is drawn from all age groups, covering the areas of public, civil and criminal law. We are particularly renowned for our active work in the fields of European, international, comparative and environmental law, and our new LLM programme in international business law ensures that our students are among the most marketable in Europe.

Excellent relations are maintained between the students and staff, aided by the 8 members of the StuRa (elected students who offer help and advice on study, as well as other aspects of university life. The StuRa publishes its own newspaper, and plays an important role in the departmental decision making process. StuRa members also organise the annual Law Ball, as well as providing the all important sparkling wine following students’ completion of the first state examinations.

Study and Research

The law library houses approximately 90 000 volumes, most of which are immediately accessible to our students. There is space for 250 students to study comfortably in a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, and it is open from 8:00–24:00 on weekdays, 9:30-24:00 on Saturdays and 12:00-18:00 on Sundays.

Many PCs are available for both legal research (including access to both JURIS, LEXIS/NEXIS and Westlaw) and library work, with a catalogue which includes the contents of many other Bavarian libraries. Internet access is available to all students, who are also provided with an email account and their own personal web space.

"Welcome at the University of Augsburg"

"Welcome at the University of Augsburg" is the name of a special service for foreign researchers and students. All administrative formalities and questions regarding the special status as a foreign national can be dealt with directly on the campus.

Augsburg Summer Program on European and International Economic Law

Nowadays, large companies operate on a global scale and must comply with the respective national legal systems. Therefore, basic knowledge is essential in the field of European data protection law, antitrust law, intellectual property law, as well as corporate and capital markets law.

The University of Augsburg offers the Augsburg Summer Program to international foreign students to join German practicing lawyers and German postgraduate law students for a unique studying experience for a six-week intensive course.

The intention of this Program is to impart knowledge in the basic framework of transnational Economic Law through lectures and examination courses in order to meet the increasing requirements of companies and law firms in this field. All of the lectures and talks will be offered in English.

In 2019 the program will take place between June 17th and July 26th.

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