Structural optimization

This course is offered every summer term for Master's students from WING and MSE. It is tought in English and is structured as follows: 

  1. Introduction 
  2. Unconstrained optimizaiton
  3. Constrained optimization
  4. Optimization using local approximations
  5. Trusses in a nutshell
  6. Optimization of truss structures 
  7. Finite element analysis in a nutshell 
  8. Optimization of continuum structures
The course involves many exercises to pratically solve structural optimization in your own code. Sucess is evaluated in a 30 minute oral examination, to which you should bring a sample of your code. The entire course material is available Open Source on GitHub.
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Materials Engineering

This course is offered every winter term for MSE Master's students and tought in English. We discuss fundamentals of structural materials: 

  1. Mechanical properties of materials
  2. Failure of materials 
  3. Atomic structures and crystal structures
  4. Imperfections in solids and strengthening
  5. Phase diagrams
  6. Phase transformations
  7. Metals
  8. Polymers
  9. Ceramics and glasses
  10. Composites 
  11. Natural materials and bio-based materials 
  12. Materials selection and sustainable design
During the second half of the course, students solve engineering tasks, e.g. designing a bicycle light with choice of materials and manufacturing technologies. Sucess is evaluated in a 30 minute oral examination.