Master Thesis: LCA of 2D-MXene production

Two professorships within the MRM institute collaborate on this topic: Prof. Barg investigates production, processing and application of 2D materials (MXenes). Prof. Lindner investigates the environmental impacts of technologies.

Synthesis of MXenes is a labor-intensive and costly process, and continuous efforts are made to improve efficiency or to reuse residues from previous processes. In the context of a master's thesis, the production of MXenes is modelled in a professional LCA software and environmental impacts are quantitatively estimated. Relevant process parameters and boundary conditions are investigated in a sensitivity analysis. Where possible, upscaling effects (economies of scale) are to be investigated in the modelling phase and highlighted in the interpretation phase.
Other student projects are conducted at the same time in Prof. Barg’s laboratory, which will provide valuable data input for this master thesis. Direct collaboration between the students at the operational level is expected.



  • Scoping of the LCA study
  • Inventory modelling of MXene production (cradle to gate)
  • Literature research about industrial scale of relevant processes
  • Sensitivity analysis of relevant internal and external parameters
  • Interpretation of results, preparation of environmental impacts in a meaningful way for further use by MXene process developers


  • Master's student in natural or engineering sciences with a balanced knowledge of industrial chemistry and sustainability management
  • Enjoy modelling in software; experience with LCA software is a plus, preferably GaBi
  • Interest in the field of sustainability of novel technologies
  • Independent and conscientious work approach, as well as teamwork skills
  • We offer an exciting working environment with insights into nanomaterials, as well as sustainability. We provide the opportunity to contribute your own ideas and practically implement them within the scope of the thesis.

Contact persons:
Prof. Jan Paul Lindner for application and LCA-related questions
Dr. Preethika Murugan, Michéle Scholl, Prof. Suelen Barg for MXene-related questions




Technology Assessment
Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments
Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments
Processing of Complex Structured Materials for Demanding Environments