Project seminars for initial teacher training along with a module guide

The module guide for initial teacher training aims at experts in initial teacher training who carry out history seminars that cover EHISTO related topics.  It comprises fourteen steps, each laid out for 2×45 minutes. Extracts of the resources can be used, or the package can be used in full, depending on how much teaching time can be spent on exploring the EHISTO project. Not only does the initial teacher training module provide the general basics concerning the topics 'transnational history in Europe', 'intercultural competences' and 'history culture in commercial mass media', but it also develops seminar structures and describes guidelines for the didactic implementation of the topics within the scope of initial academic teacher training.


The project seminar itself consists of three parts. Part A deals with the topic 'diversity and specific forms of history cultures in Europe', part B is dedicated to the 'media-critical analysis related to transnational history culture and intercultural history competences'. The central part is the third part of the module (part C), which enables the students to develop their own teaching-/ study-material for teaching intercultural and media-critical competences related to the European History Crossroads (EHC). The three seminar parts follow several learning objectives at the same time: 1. Students are enabled to recognize their national perspectives on history and to understand them as a starting point for transnational historical culture and intercultural history competences. 2. They gain a critical understanding of how commercial mass media transform the representation of history for economic success on a growing market. 3. They learn how to convey this knowledge to pupils in secondary general education schools in Europe as enduring competences and sustainable skills.


Module handbook for initial teacher training

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