Gastvortrag "Commoditizing Data Analytics in the Cloud"

Am 11.05.2023 halten Prof. Viktor Leis und Maximilian Kuschewski ab 16:00 Uhr einen Gastvortrag in der Ringvorlesung des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering. Der Vortrag findet in Raum 1055N statt und hat den Titel "Commoditizing Data Analytics in the Cloud". Zum Vortrag sind alle herzlich eingeladen.



The goal of the CODAC project is to commoditize large-scale data analytics in the cloud, which means (1) to reduce query processing cost to close to what the available hardware is theoretically capable of and (2) to prevent vendor lock-in by making it easy to move data between different clouds and systems. To achieve this, we are designing and developing an open and cost-efficient analytical data analytics system for the cloud.

The CODAC system consists of three main components: First, an intelligent control component that automatically and transparently selects and manages the cheapest hardware instances for the given workload and makes migration to other cloud vendors possible. Second, a highly-efficient and scalable query processing engine that is capable of fully exploiting modern cloud hardware. Third, a data lake storage abstraction based on open data formats that enables cheap storage as well as modularity and interoperability across different data systems. The resulting system therefore has the potential for making large-scale data analytics both cheaper and easier, boosting data-driven instruct and science.


Maximilian Kuschewski ist Absolvent des 13.Jahrgangs des Elitestudiengangs Software Engineering.