Seventh ESCLH Biennial Conference, 21 – 23 June 2023, Augsburg University, Germany



The Organising Committee and the Executive Council of the European Society for Comparative Legal History are pleased to announce that the Society’s Seventh Biennial Conference will be held from 21 to 23 June 2023 at Augsburg University, Germany. A conference in 2023 will be a change to the Society's normal timing. The biennial conferences began in Valencia (2010), followed by Amsterdam (2012), Macerata (2014), Gdańsk (2016), Paris (2018), and most recently, after a delay caused by Covid, Lisboa (2022). However, not only does that mean the society did not have a conference for four years, Covid has also moved some other large international conferences now to even-numbered years. To avoid collision with these other conferences, the ESCHL conferences will after 2023 continue at two-year intervals moving them to uneven-numbered years.

European Society for Comparative Legal History

Call for Papers

The Organising Committee and the Executive Council of the European Society for Comparative Legal History are pleased to call for papers for the Society’s Seventh Biennial Conference. There is no general conference theme. Rather, the organisers hope that the papers will reflect the full breadth of research in comparative legal history. Papers should explore doctrinal, theoretical, cultural, or methodological aspects of comparative legal history. Papers should be comparative as well as historical. The deadline to submit an abstract is 15 November 2022. Please consult the call for papers for further details.

PhD Workshop

The regular conference programme will start in the afternoon of 21 June 2023. It will be preceded by a workshop in the morning of the same day. The workshop will be open to PhD candidates working in comparative legal history. In different sessions, the workshop will address methodological challenges to research in comparative legal history. A separate call for the workshop will be published on this website on 15 December 2022 when also the programme of the workshop will be published. PhD candidates who wish to present a paper at the conference should not wait until 15 December. Rather, they are invited to submit their abstracts as response to the general call for papers with the deadline on 15 November 2022.

Conference Programme

The call for papers is published on 1 September 2022. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15 November 2022. Until, 15 December 2022, applicants will be informed whether their papers have been accepted to the conference. The final conference programme will be published on 31 December 2022. Currently, you may consult the programme's template. The programme's template contains information on the planned number of keynote speeches, the number of panel sessions, and the number of time slots available for presentations.

The Modern Campus of Augsburg University

Straßenbahnhaltestelle Universität
© Universität Augsburg
Die Teilbilbiothek Jura in sommerlicher Atmosphäre; davor eine Blumenwiese.
© Universität Augsburg
© Universität Augsburg
Abendstimmung Fakultät
© Universität Augsburg
© Universität Augsburg
Brunnen im Winter mit Jura-Gebäude mit Schnee
Brunnen von Erika Berckhemer (Kunst am Bau) zwischen Juristischer und Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Fakultät © Universität Augsburg
Gebäude der Fakultät für Angewandte Informatik mit Kunstwerk "Trojanisches Pferd"
© Universität Augsburg
Gebäude der WiWi-Fakultät mit Brunnen
© Universität Augsburg
Gruppe von Studierenden am Unisee
© Andreas Brücklmaier
Uni-See mit Kunst- und Musikgebäude Frühling
© Universität Augsburg
Flying Man
"Flying Man" im Eingangsbereich der Juristischen Fakultät © Universität Augsburg
Blick in Hörsaal der Juristischen Fakultät
© Universität Augsburg

Registration – Conference Fees

The registration for the conference will open on 15 December 2022 when applicants have been informed whether their paper has been accepted. On that day, a link for registration will be published on this website. Registration for the conference will close two weeks before the conference on 7 June 2023. However, the Organising Committee asks everybody to register as soon as possible as this will facilitate organizing the event. Those who are not members of the ESCLH, will have to pay a conference fee which will be announced on 15 December 2022. According to the practice of Augsburg University, conference fees can only be paid via bank transfer. It is possible to join the society before the event.


Augsburg offers a great range of hotels. There are hotels for every budget. It is each participant's own responsibility to book, and pay for, their accomodation themselves. However, the Organising Committee will arrange with Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH special rates for a number of hotels. These hotels are bookable via Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH starting on 15 December 2022, and it will be possible to book these hotels until four weeks before the event starts: 23 May 2023. A link to book a hotel will be published 15 December 2022 on this website. Please be aware that during the summer season, booking early is recommended.

Transfer – Meals

Most participants will fly into Munich Airport. The easiest way to travel from Munich Airport to Augsburg is by train. Connections can be found on There are a number of connections to Augsburg each hour. You first have to take the S-Bahn into Munich (Pasing or Central Station) and then a train to Augsburg Central Station. You cannot buy tickets on the train: the easiest is to buy tickets over the internet, via the app of the German Bahn or at a vending machines in the airport terminal.

If you have diatery restrictions, you are advised to send an email to the Organising Committee after you have registered for the conference.

The Historic City of Augsburg

Augsburger Rathaus
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Blick auf das Maximilianmuseum
(Das Maximilianmuseum)
Rathaus Augsburg, Blick auf St. Ulrich und Afra
© Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH
Augsburg Stadt - Blick von oben auf Maxstraße und St. Ulrich
© Colourbox
Vogelperspektive auf Augsburger Rathaus und Innenstadt
© Colourbox
Maximilianstrasse mit Alpenpanorama
© Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH
Maximilianstrasse mit Herkulesbrunnen
© Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH
Rathaus von unten mit Augustusbrunnen
© Regio Augsburg Tourismus GmbH
© Colourbox
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