Prof. Dr. Markus Heydenreich

Stochastik und ihre Anwendungen
Telefon: +49 821 598 2206
Raum: 3012 (L1)
Adresse: Universitätsstraße 14, 86159 Augsburg


I am a mathematician; my field of expertise is probability theory. I am studying discrete random objects of varying flavour, such as
  • phase transitions in models of statistical mechanics, mean-field behaviour, lace expansion;
  • long-range order of discrete models in continuum space, symmetry breaking, crystallization;
  • spatial random graph models;
  • random walk in dynamic random environment.

Scientific activities

Office hour

Please make appointments via email.



I make preprints available via my-preprints@arXiv.


Published work can be found on Zentralblatt MATH, the open access platform for mathematical bibliography: my-articles@zbMATH.