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  • An in-plane photoelectric effect in two-dimensional electron systems for terahertz detection

An experimental group from Cambridge University, UK, in collaboration with the Universities of Augsburg and Lancaster, investigated interaction of terahertz (THz) radiation with a two-dimensional electron gas in a semiconductor heterostructure and discovered a new quantum phenomenon, which was called an in-plane photoelectric effect. This new effect has a number of specific (and useful) features, as compared to the conventional photoelectric effect, and enables efficient detection of THz radiation. I participated in this project having provided a theoretical support for it.

The paper was published in  Science Advances and caused great interest. Information about it appeared in a number of internet outlets, such as phys.org, scienmag.com, The Science Times, nach-welt.com (German), and many other, a more complete list can be seen  here.

Links:  arXiv:2110.15932 Download PDF


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